5 Fun Gift Wrapping Ideas You Must Check Out

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5 unique and surprising gift wrapping ideas


When people give each other gifts, wrapping plays a huge role in the anticipation of getting through it and discovering what’s inside. For gift-givers, a big part of the whole experience comes from wrapping the present and watching the recipients eyes as they discover the gift.
How a gift is wrapped shows the thought, effort, and personalization that went into it--so check out these creative, and fun gift wrapping ideas below:

1. Old maps

In the modern era of GPS and smartphones, something like maps offer a nostalgic twist to traditional gift giving. It’s the perfect way to wrap a gift intended for someone who loves to travel. Remind your recipient of the adventure that awaits them by using a map from a location that they’ve always wanted to explore. If you have time, print out a blank airline or train ticket and use that as the card. Be sure to write something thoughtful that speaks of their love of discovering new cultures.

2. Bandanas

he perfect gift wrapping idea for outdoor adventurers. Bandanas are not only creative, but also useful. Choose one in their favorite color to wrap care packages or useful gear they can use while they’re out camping. Add a few nature-inspired accents for embellishment and add that personalized touch.

3. Balloons

If you’re planning to give a gift certificate or gift card, plane or concert tickets, or generally any item that’s small, you want to make sure that it doesn’t get lost in the pile of gifts that your recipient will receive. A great way to give your gift would be to tie balloons around it. Place the balloons with the gift in a box big enough to hold it. When your recipient opens the gift, he or she will get a nice, colorful surprise. Be careful about opening the box outdoors though--if the gift is too light, it might float away with the balloons.

4. Furoshiki

This gift wrapping technique is perfect for gifts that are fragile with irregular shapes. The fabric helps protect the gift while making sure that the entire object is completely wrapped. It’s also a good way to wrap food. If you want to add a little bit more personality into the gift wrapping, add small details such as a small stem of the recipient’s favorite flower, a pin of their favorite bird or symbol.

5. DIY Wrapping Paper

Take an old note that the recipient has given you and go to your local print shop to have it printed on a large sheet of paper. If you have some basic design skills, you can do this process yourself. It’s a simple, but very sentimental, gesture that definitely adds to the thoughtfulness of your present.

However you choose to wrap your gift, make sure that you add a personalized touch. Give it with a personally written message that lets them know how much the gift reminds you of them. Unsure of what gift to give? Visit our website and browse through our extensive selection of elegant and fully customizable crystal gift ideas.

If you more gift wrapping ideas that you want to share, be sure to leave us a message below.

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