Five Decorative Ways to Use Your 3D Engraved Crystal

Posted by Rebecca Pearson on Fri, Jun 22, 2012 @ 12:38 PM

Have you recently received a beautiful crystal gift that you are trying to include in your home decor? You're in luck! Today, we are sharing five decorative uses for your 3D laser crystal. Our ideas are simple to execute and allow you to display your engraved crystal in your home without too much work.

Mantel display. Whether you change your mantel display with the seasons or keep the same decorations throughout the year, your 3D picture crystal will add a personal touch. You can place the crystal in the center surrounded by vases, prints, and flowers or place it with other photos to create a modern photo collage.

Table Centerpiece. When decorating your table for a special occasion, let your crystal serve as part of your centerpiece. Whether displaying it with flowers on either side or surrounding it with candles, a crystal centerpiece personalizes the celebration. The 3D engraved crystal below would be the perfect table centerpiece for both mom's birthday and Mother's Day.

 Engraved Crystal for Mom

Paper weight. Bills, loose papers, magazines, and newspapers tend to pile up around the house, especially with your busy schedule. A quick solution? Gather the loose papers into a pile and place your laser engraved crystal on top as a paper weight. With the crystal on top, you've turned your messy piles turned into one organized stack of papers.

Bookend. Use your etched glass photo as a bookend to serve a functional purpose as well as a decorative purpose. Simply push your books to one side of a bookcase and place the crystal on the opposite side to keep the books in place. Another option is using two bookends, either two crystals or a crystal and another decorative item, so the books are freestanding but secure. 

Holiday display. While hanging up homemade decorations and ornaments, don't forget your crystal documenting your baby's first Christmas. Even if you have the crystal on your coffee table year round, it's a sweet touch to include it with the holiday display during the month of December. You can place the engraved crystals among your Christmas Village houses or on the table with cookies and milk for Santa.

Baby's 1st Christmas Crystal

What do you think of our decorative suggestions? Are you going to use any of them? If you do, let us know. Have a different idea that we didn't include? We would love to hear!

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