How Do You Make a 3D Photo Crystal?

Posted by Amir Lidgi on Tue, Jul 05, 2011 @ 10:02 AM

3D photo crystals—how do they work? They say that at some point, technology is indistinguishable from magic. How else could we perform the miracle of etching a beautiful, 3-dimensional image deep inside the hide of fine crystal? I mean, the crystal, even with the 3D photo inside of it, is flawless and unmarred. This begs explanation. The answer, of course, isn’t magic—not quite. You don’t need magic to create a 3D photo crystal, you need a lasers. Let me explain how the process works.

First, choose your photograph. The ideal photograph will have a nice contrast with a small number of subjects: whether they’re faces, cars, beautiful brides, or pets. Less is more. The more in focus your subject is, the happier you’ll be with the result. In fact, we try to limit the number of faces to 3 so that you will be able to fully appreciate the 3D effect of the laser-etched image inside the crystal. Upload the image to our site.

We read the image. Our expert colleagues run your image through some powerful software in order to use the light and shadows to create a 3D model from your 2-dimensional photograph. Again, the higher the contrast, the more striking the 3D effect will be. The software then plots the points of illumination; meaning that it reads where the light hits the subject in the photograph.

The laser etches your image in 3D. Photo crystals are made using a special laser that focuses its concentrated beams of light to a precise point below the surface of the crystal. Each bright point in the image is plotted in the final crystal piece. The laser then focuses a high-powered beam on each three-dimensional coordinate. Once the beam reaches the focal point, the powerful laser pulse makes a tiny void or inclusion inside the crystal. Then the laser moves to the next coordinate and makes another etched point. Finally, enough points are created to reproduce the design deep within the crystal. As laser beams are non-invasive, no marks or blemishes are left on the surface of the crystal. When viewed from any angle, the intricate design is much like a three dimensional sculpture, its ghostly image floating deep in the heart of the crystal.

The result is the ideal gift—a beautiful, personalized, custom-made gift that can be tailor-made to suit any occasion, whether it’s Graduation, Father’s Day, birthdays, funerals, Christmas, or Chanukah. There is literally no occasion for which a 3D photo crystal would not be appropriate, since you choose precisely how it looks!

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